Maqui Berry Benefits



We all want to look our best and most of us know that good health is what makes that possible. We take vitamins, exercise and watch what we eat, yet our skin is still splotchy, blemished or dull. What are we doing wrong?  Why are we getting those dark spots and fine wrinkles?

The simple answer is that our circulation is not as healthy as it should be. Human skin is healthy, elastic and glowing when it receives the proper flow of oxygenated blood that it needs for proper nourishment. If you are doing everything that you should be and still have problems with your skin you probably need to improve your circulatory system.

Maqui berry benefits all parts of your body but especially the circulatory system. The reason it is so beneficial is because of the antioxidants it contains but these antioxidants are quite different from the ones so highly publicized in so many “miracle” foods. Maqui berry plants are harvested and the berries carefully processed so that the acidity is retained; this is why the berry juice is tart as well as sweet. Anthocyanins are a form of antioxidants that only retain their power if they are in an acidic environment such as the juice of berries or citrus fruits. They are what lend the fruit its dark color. Most supplements over-process fruits so that they can make them taste sweet, thus destroying the anthocyanins that are so vital to good health.

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Polyphenols are another antioxidant present in the Maqui berry. These form a shield that protects against the enzymes that cause out of control cell growth that lead to cancer. Along with anthocyanins, they are antioxidants that protect against degenerative diseases and help keep your arteries clear of plaque, cholesterol and fat deposits. Thus, your circulation is not impeded by narrow arteries and oxygenated blood can reach the areas just below the surface areas of your skin. Healthy circulation prevents pore blockage and delivers moisture to the cells, encouraging the suppleness and elasticity needed to avoid wrinkles.

Youthful Appearance

We all know that there is no magic fountain of youth. But by supporting healthy aging with a Maqui berry supplement we can maintain good health and a more youthful appearance.  Bodies age or more precisely, they wear out, largely because of the free radicals that attack the organs and joints. By using antioxidants like those in Maqui berry juice we can greatly reduce the number of free radicals attacking our bodies.  This will keep our bodies healthy, looking good, and our minds sharp and clear well into our later years.

Detox Benefits

The Maqui berry is also has detoxifying agents that help cleanse the body of harmful poisons and reduce wear and tear on the liver, which is the body’s filter.  There are no special drugs to take or high-tech procedures to pay for, just the juice of a tiny tropical berry that is completely natural!


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